Star Cryoelectronics
Santa Fe, NM – Robin Cantor founded Star Cryoelectronics in 1999 and the company designs and manufactures high tech sensors and control electronics. The company’s products have applications in biomedical imaging, basic laboratory research, geophysics (mining and mineral exploration) and non-destructive testing of materials for quality assurance. The specialty technology designed and manufactured by Star Cryo is a superconducting sensor, the most sensitive detector of magnetic fields available on the market. Star Cryo has invested $3 million in building clean room facilities in Santa Fe in order to develop and manufacture their product locally and the company has recently purchased an additional 2,000 square foot facility adjacent to their existing facility as a result of their rapid growth. Star Cryo has received business assistance from the New Mexico Finance Authority, the New Mexico Small Business Administration, job training through the New Mexico Job Training Incentive Program and SBIR grants.