Black Mesa Winery
Velarde, NM – Lynda and Jerry Burd’s interest in the wine industry began while they were living in the Central Valley of California and took them to Willamette Valley in Oregon where Jerry began learning the art of winemaking. They bought Black Mesa winery in 2000 and were interested in not only producing their own wine but also wanted to contribute to New Mexico’s winemaking economy. Black Mesa winery has been internationally recognized for their wine and recently won a Double Gold medal at the Indy International Wine Competition for their Antelope ’09 Red wine, which is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. In addition, they were also awarded Best of Class for their Bordeaux blend. In addition to creating successful wines under their own label, they have greatly contributed to the local winemaking economy by sharing their knowledge and expertise with other local winemakers as well as creating good jobs in the region. They have been growing rapidly and now serve as the main winemaker for many of the wineries and vineyards in Northern New Mexico.