Working to Advance Economic Development in Northern New Mexico Since 1997

10 Jan

AllTherm/SolarLogic Merges With AMENERGY

AllTherm/SolarLogic Merges With AMENERGY; Forms New Mexico’s First Comprehensive Renewable Energy Company


In recent years, AllTherm/SolarLogic has attracted the attention of the Northern New Mexico business and economic development community. Since the solar hydronic technology company was founded in Santa Fe in 2008 by Bristol Stickney and Fred Milder, it has steadily set the standard for integrated solar heating systems. The company began to attract notice not only for its innovations, but for its steady job growth.


This is what led to the Regional Development Corporation (RDC) honoring SolarLogic with a Northern New Mexico 20/20 Campaign award, designed to recognize high-growth companies adding jobs and increasing revenue to the region, in 2015. Previously, SolarLogic received two New Mexico Small Business Administration (NMSBA) grants. The family of solar hydronic heating products the company has developed and manufactures offer unprecedented ease-of-use and flexibility for customers. Continue Reading

08 Nov

Companies to Watch: tea.o.graphy

A Tea Business Steeped in Sustainability Brings Jobs to Taos


Dana Blair never imagined she’d be building a business on tea. The founder of tea.o.graphy in Taos, the company has grown exponentially each year since she quietly launched it in 2014.


“My whole journey through tea started with coffee, which I had to quit drinking due to health reasons,” Dana explains.


She was living in Georgia at the time, where she experimented with blends that had bold, coffee-like appeal. Her creation, Café sans Café, is a staple within teo.o.graphy’s current offerings. Blended with roasted chicory root, malty Assam black tea and fair-trade vanilla bean, Café sans Café is a rich black tea with notes of tobacco and chocolate. It satisfied her coffee cravings, and Dana soon realized she might be onto something.


Soon afterwards, Dana moved to China to teach English. There, she discovered a whole history of tea that had been previously unknown to her. She describes this time in China as one of exploration, where access to exotic ingredients fueled her research.

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11 Oct

Companies to Watch:

Santa Fe Startup May Change the Way Filmmakers and Content Creators Get Paid


Eric Streeper and his co-founder, former Google engineer, Dan Hathorn, are building a company that very well might change the way filmmakers and video content creators get paid. Holed up in’s world headquarters at Santa Fe Business Incubator, it’s not immediately apparent that he is on the leading edge of a sea change shifting the dynamics of creators and online consumers. But, just as Netflix upended the way we consume television series, he has seen the future and is determined to breathe life into it starting with filmmakers based right here in New Mexico.


“Netflix is now the largest movie studio,” said Streeper. “They’re out-spending the big studios, because distribution is key. They own the new subscription-based distribution model.” has taken its cues from this type of subscription model, and is re-centering its strategy to benefit the creators of the work instead of distribution houses. Streeper and his business partner, Dan Hathorn, is starting first with 10 New Mexico-based production companies that will launch subscription channels on the Xerb platform. These production companies will curate, maintain and operate the content on their own channels. Independent creators will have the ability to upload their own work to the platform, and then reach out to company channels to request inclusion.

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14 Aug

Companies to Watch: Slip Safe New Mexico

Slip Safe New Mexico Gains Traction in Northern New Mexico

Michael Martinez is building a family business one job at a time in Northern New Mexico. Two years ago, in 2015, Martinez established Slip Safe New Mexico, LLC, when he purchased the New Mexico distributorship for the franchise.


Martinez is a full-time employee of Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he tuned into modern-day workplace safety standards. According to the Industrial Safety & Occupational Health Markets, a full 85 percent of worker’s compensation claims are attributed to employees slipping on slick floors. Martinez noted this when looking for franchises to buy, and his careful research is already paying off. Now, Slip Safe New Mexico is a full-fledged family business that’s growing rapidly.


From his daily work at the Laboratory, Martinez knew that slips and falls were amongst the top issues cited in injuries there. Upon further research, he found that slips and falls were a very real problem with hotels, public swimming pools and other small businesses.

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13 Jul

Companies to Watch: Taos Bee Flower

Taos Bee Flower Adds to Buzz Around Natural Product Manufacturing in Northern New Mexico


Moira O’Hanlon is turning the beekeeping enterprise she’s nurtured for 14 years into a growing business. Passionate about bees and the environment, she has created Taos Bee Flower to bring the pure, organic skin remedies she concocts in her Arroyo Seco orchard to market.


Rose Reza, business retention and expansion specialist with the Regional Development Corporation (RDC), mentored O’Hanlon through the Biz Sprint startup class offered by Taos Entrepreneurial Network (TEN).

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09 Jul

Companies to Watch: Blue Feather Soap

Blue Feather Takes Flight, Makes Waves in Online Bodycare Market


What began as a hobby for Gillian Fryer in 2000 has flourished into a growing business that hails from headquarters in Taos. She started experimenting with lip balm recipes when she was living in Las Cruces, and quickly expanded into soap and lotions. Selling at the farmers markets in Mesilla and Las Cruces gave way to participating in craft fairs around the state.


After moving back to Taos permanently in 2012, Fryer and her husband Dan Bradford settled in with dual goals—building the business, and building the local collective economy in Taos. Fryer started attending Taos Entrepreneurial Network (TEN) meetings in 2012 when she moved back to town. She gives credit to TEN’s hands-on workshops as vital for helping her grow the business quickly.


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Working to Advance Economic Development in Northern New Mexico Since 1997