AllTherm/SolarLogic Merges With AMENERGY; Forms New Mexico’s First Comprehensive Renewable Energy Company


In recent years, AllTherm/SolarLogic has attracted the attention of the Northern New Mexico business and economic development community. Since the solar hydronic technology company was founded in Santa Fe in 2008 by Bristol Stickney and Fred Milder, it has steadily set the standard for integrated solar heating systems. The company began to attract notice not only for its innovations, but for its steady job growth.


This is what led to the Regional Development Corporation (RDC) honoring SolarLogic with a Northern New Mexico 20/20 Campaign award, designed to recognize high-growth companies adding jobs and increasing revenue to the region, in 2015. Previously, SolarLogic received two New Mexico Small Business Administration (NMSBA) grants. The family of solar hydronic heating products the company has developed and manufactures offer unprecedented ease-of-use and flexibility for customers.


Now, in early 2017, SolarLogic has announced a merger with AMENERGY, Inc. The two companies have settled into an expansion of SolarLogic’s headquarters on Richards Lane in the Siler Road Industrial Park area. Previously, SolarLogic employed five. The newly-merged Company now employs 21, and is looking to add to that number in double digits over the next few years.


“SolarLogic had the technology, and AMENERGY had the installation and other proprietary knowledge that would allow us to pursue a major expansion together,” explained Peter Page, co-founder of AMENERGY, Inc. and new CEO of the merged Company.


AMENERGY, launched in 2009 by Page and co-founder Rich Headley, specifies, installs and services energy-efficient solar electric, solar heat and battery backup power systems. In-house combined licenses (general contracting, electrical, plumbing and mechanical contracting) enables the Company’s flexible problem-solving approach to installation and customer service.


After receiving their own individual grants from NMSBA, AMENERGY also received a Los Alamos National Laboratory leverage grant to develop their master control system, which was inspired by SolarLogic’s systems. SolarLogic’s proprietary technology standardizations allow their systems to integrate with any existing heating system, and led to several successful collaborative projects with AMENERGY.


Going forward, the combined Company will roll out new product lines and maintenance services. One focus of AMENERGY will be on integrated renewable energy heating systems that are unique to each customer yet based on a standard, proven design model. The Company hopes that this will promote growth in today’s challenging economic environment (including sustained low prices for gas and electricity, and the repeal of New Mexico state tax incentives that encourage solar adoption.) Holistic accounting of available heat sources and heat loads inform each system’s design, and then the system is monitored and maintained from a central dashboard over the internet. All aspects of a customer’s home heating system —repair alerts, maintenance requests, system controls—are accessed remotely, often alleviating the need for contractors to show up in person and enabling real-time assistance.


The consumer market is just one area of planned Company expansion. Large-scale growth is anticipated in the commercial market with their modular “Generation 3” system, with a targeted roll out next year. Because of its modular nature, AMENERGY’s Generation 3 system can be scaled to fit everything from small residences to large commercial enterprises.


Currently, renewable energy loans and grants for small businesses located outside metropolitan areas are available through the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Energy for America program. This is another avenue for growth that the newly combined Company is pursuing. Both SolarLogic and AMENERGY have assisted companies across the country in lowering their energy bills and achieving energy efficiency.


SolarLogic and AMENERGY’s merger has combined expertise in solar electric, solar thermal, hydronics, battery storage, and water delivery with innovations in customer service and system maintenance. The up-and-coming Generation 3 technology could change the way renewable energy is delivered and controlled for consumers and businesses across the country. Poised for major growth and job creation, AMENERGY aims to emerge a leader of the Northern New Mexico economy.

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