Slip Safe New Mexico Gains Traction in Northern New Mexico

Michael Martinez is building a family business one job at a time in Northern New Mexico. Two years ago, in 2015, Martinez established Slip Safe New Mexico, LLC, when he purchased the New Mexico distributorship for the franchise.


Martinez is a full-time employee of Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he tuned into modern-day workplace safety standards. According to the Industrial Safety & Occupational Health Markets, a full 85 percent of worker’s compensation claims are attributed to employees slipping on slick floors. Martinez noted this when looking for franchises to buy, and his careful research is already paying off. Now, Slip Safe New Mexico is a full-fledged family business that’s growing rapidly.


From his daily work at the Laboratory, Martinez knew that slips and falls were amongst the top issues cited in injuries there. Upon further research, he found that slips and falls were a very real problem with hotels, public swimming pools and other small businesses.

The Slip Safe technology provides a real, workable solution towards eliminating these accidents. Martinez flew out to talk about the opportunity with a franchise owner and trainer in Oklahoma, and upon his return his decision was made. He bought the New Mexico distributorship for the product and opened the doors to his own business in 2015.


“We provide products that help eliminate slips and falls while also protecting businesses from liabilities,” said Martinez. “Tubs, floors, showers…we’ve done all of these in public and private buildings throughout Northern New Mexico already.”


Recent projects for the company include floor treatments for Ojo Caliente Spa & Resort, showers and bathrooms for Northern New Mexico College, bathtubs for Cities of Gold and White Rock’s Hampton Inn, floors at the State Capital building in Santa Fe and recreational facilities for the City of Santa Fe.


“Right now, my son, daughter and son-in-law are helping with the business,” said Martinez. “My two-year-old grandson—who doesn’t know it yet—is also in training.”


Martinez plans to retire in a couple of years from the Laboratory and pursue the business full-time. Until then, he wants to help his family build a legacy that can grow to support everyone. Within a year, he anticipates having two full-time employees.


He is focusing on growing the business through additional marketing and in-person demos of the product. His son, a college student at UNM, is already helping him with demos for prospective clients. And, his daughter and son-in-law are “a big help,” in installations and promotional activities which have also generated a lot of interest.


Slip Safe New Mexico also provides treatment to residential properties, not just commercial. Martinez plans to add ancillary products, such as safety treads for stairwells and additional slip-resistant products, which will augment his core group of services.


All signs point to rapid growth for the company, and the Regional Development Corporation will be following and supporting the Martinez family in their new endeavor. To learn more, request a free demo and read client testimonials, visit