LANL Subcontractors Consortium

View of Los Alamos East Gate by Daniel SchwenLANL's Major Subcontractors have economic development requirements as part of their subcontracts with LANL, making each Major Subcontractor a valuable source of resources for the region's economic development. In 2004, LANL's Business Operations Division formed the LANL Subcontractors Consortium to serve as a economic development collaboration platform for the Major Subcontractors.

The Consortium's goal is to increase the economic impact of individual Subcontractor economic development contributions by creating and implementing a joint Subcontractor strategy where Major Subcontractors pool resources to meet their economic development contractual requirements. The RDC facilitates the work of the Consortium by assisting in strategy creation, identifying viable economic development projects, managing group communications, and promoting the Consortium's economic development work.

For more information, contact Eric Vasquez, or visit the Consortium website: